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Dentures are made to fit your mouth at the time of creation but over time this can change. The soft tissues and the bones underneath can change as time passes and this means that dentures may no longer fit as comfortably they did at first. This is where denture relining comes in, to ensure you retain a perfect fit and avoid any associated problems.

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Our Services

  • Denture relining services
  • Experts at ensuring the perfect fit
  • Accommodate changes to bone structure
  • Avoid problems such as ulcers
  • Be confident in your dentures

Why relining is needed

There are two main reasons that you may need denture relining. One is to do with the structure of your mouth – changes to that tissue or underlying bones that change the shape of your mouth. The other can be that the dentures themselves have worn due to constant use. Most denture experts recommend replacing them every 3-5 years but in the meantime, relining can lengthen the lifespan, ensure comfort and costs less than a replacement pair.

How it works

If you think you need denture relining or are experiencing problems such as food stuck behind the plate or mouth ulcers, visit our laboratory in Stoke on Trent and we can take a look. If we think that relining is the best way forward, we can carry out the work right there on-site. Often this can be done while you wait if there is just minor relining needed.

We also offer a more comprehensive service that involves stripping the base material from the denture and replacing it. This takes around 24 hours to complete but costs around half of what new dentures cost so is a great budget-friendly option.

If you are having trouble with your dentures, call us to make an appointment. We can assess the problem and advise on the best course of action to ensure you remain comfortable and healthy with your dentures.

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